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Welcome to Blue Chip Corporation. We are located in Wakefield MA, Serving the Metro-North region, providing the finest service for all of your home maintenance requirements together with a skillful division building quality Custom Homes. We deliver “peace of mind” by being readily available for any home maintenance task you just don’t have the time or knowledge to accomplish yourself. So keep your leisure time and continue to do what you enjoy over the weekend or whatever keeps you busy and “we’ll take it from here” .

Whether it’s something small like fixing a door, a leaky faucet or a toilet that needs replacing. Perhaps you’re ready to expand the basement or add a new addition…

We’re ready to accomplish whatever you need!

*Small business owners are also benefiting from the same comfort, as a result of one company handling all the maintenance necessities that surface throughout the year. This allows owners to remain focused on operating their business and maximizing their profits.

So choose which program will fit your home’s needs and budget. With a fast and easy sign-up, and your selected membership…we'll get you on board to one of the finest maintenance solutions available for your home.


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